Punching tools: the italian way

also important for south american punzones information

punching toolsEach Matrix punching tool product is the result of good cooperation between young and highly qualified technicians who constantly keep up to date and deal with problems and requirements related to production cycle.
INNOVATIVE TECNOLOGIES FOR HIGH PERFORMANCES Matrix invests in the best technologies: from sophisticated software for designing, to computerization of production data, from scheduling to product tuning and final test.
ENERGIES ORIENTED TO MAXIMUM ACCURACY To the production unit devoted to traditional mechanical processing, a new plant optimized to accomplish high technology content, has been added.
This recent facility, innovative in our field, is entirely wired and built with specific features to guarantee the product high quality and accuracy.

In this type of punching the following forces acting on the piece: punching force itself, the blank holder force and strength on dies.
The sum of these three forces gives the total force that must be made available from the press,.
The form that we report is a guide to calculate the forces necessary: in this sense we can expose
also an example that should be noted that some of the most advanced stamping presses to end or
punching can reduce the force to the blank holder immediately before punching, cutting
that up to 50% and that if used must be considered in the calculation.

Although known and exploited for decades. Punching the end (or punching accuracy) remains a domain
limited number of specialized firms for the most modest in size and who can not reach many
Matrix did not stop the progress of this manufacturing process but it hinders the diffusion: the case therefore
that potential users do not think punching end to it and on focusing on other processes
production simply misconception of the possibility that the system offers.
With the intention of contributing to the dissemination of information in this area and also to provide
specialists already indoctrinated some useful data suggest this article from an interesting
publication of the Swiss company heinrich schmid maschinenund Werkzeugbau
Today, the punching is often used in the metalworking industry to work sheets, using matrix
and punch that reproduce the shape of the hole to get. Relies on the mold and the pressure of the plate
punch excision causes it.
An important aspect of punching is the determination of the width of the strip of material
which the piece punched BVA and the determination of step advancement of the strip itself.
The basic wants the width of the bridges that remain after the punching perimeter between
cutting and side of the plate and between two adjacent cutting perimeter are such because enough remains
space for the cord clamping material, the material is used in a rational manner and without intensive
unnecessary waste and scrap the remainder (practically deprived of the strip sheared pieces) is
sufficiently rigid and stable to feed and transport the material itself.
The parts with complicated profile and those in which a significant part of the profile itself requires degrees
finishing and precision should be particularly encouraged with the latter oriented surfaces
disposed toward the introduction of the tape because the tape itself in that area has increased stiffness but
not yet undergone punching in the following.